April 24, 2018

Homework 4/24/18

Math - p. 15-16; finish p. 14

Vocabulary #22 - continue

Religion- finish p. 187

*Review Ancient Egypt notes

April 23, 2018

Homework 4/23/18

Math - p. 11-12; finish p. 10

Vocabulary #22 - begin in homework notebook

*The children's Spring Musical will be tomorrow.  They can wear their Spring dress up clothes.

Vocabulary #22

1.) attribute a usually good quality or feature that someone or something has; size color, shape, etc

2.) side - one of the line segments that make a flat, 2D shape

3.) vertex - the corner of an object

4.) face - the flat surface on a solid shape

5.) matter - what makes up all things

6.) properties - how something feels, looks, smells, tastes or sounds

7.) mass - how much matter is in an object

8.) solid - matter that has a shape of its own

9.) liquid - matter that flows and takes the shape of what you pour it in

10.) gas - matter that spreads out to fill all the space of what it is in

11.) sacrament - a special sign given to us by Jesus

12.) prairiea large, mostly flat area of land that has few trees and is covered in grasses

April 22, 2018

Reminders for week of 4/23/18

*The children will have a Spring Musical on Tuesday at 10am.  They can wear Spring dress clothes.

*Please continue to read with your child and encourage your child to read independently everyday for 20 minutes.

*Please continue to reinforce school and classroom rules to help your child focus on their tasks.

*Report cards will be distributed on Thursday, April 26th.  Parent-Teacher conference will be on Friday, April 27th from 3-8pm.

*New vocabulary words will be in the next post.

Lesson Plans

April 19, 2018

Homework 4/19/18

Math - p. 3-4

Science - Finish Chapter 8 Review p. D52-D53 (1-8); Quiz

Religion - Chapter 15 quiz

*The children can wear play clothes tomorrow for $1.

April 18, 2018

Homework 4/18/18

Math - p. 129-130; finish p. 127-128; End of Module

Reader's Writer's Journal - finish p. 221-222; Text Collection SuperMarket; quiz

April 17, 2018

Homework 4/17/18

Math - p. 125-126; finish p. 121-124 ; End of Module 4 Assessment

Religion - read Chapter 5; do p. 180-181

*Read Text Collection SuperMarket; quiz Thursday