July 30, 2017

Grade 1 Summer Reading Questions Frog and Toad are Friends

Please answer the following questions on paper. Restate the question in the answer and skip a line between each question. Please write a your name on the top of your paper.
Example: Who is Mrs. Frisby?  Mrs. Frisby is a widowed mouse.

“Spring” by Arnold Lobel 
RL 4: Authors can show feelings with clue words. [Reread p. 6] What clues show us that Toad is sad or tired? 
RL 1: (p. 8) What four action words (verbs) tell us what Frog wants to do with Toad now that it’s spring? 
RL 7: (p. 10) How would you describe Frog? 
RL 1: (p. 10) Why doesn’t Frog just give up on Toad? 
RL 7: How would you describe Toad? 
RL 3: (p. 13) Does Frog give up on Toad when Toad goes back to bed?  What does Frog do to convince Toad to get up? 

“The Story” by Arnold Lobel 
RL 1: (p. 16) When Frog wasn’t feeling well, what did Toad tell him to do? 
RL 3: (p. 17) What did Frog ask Toad to do for him?
RL 3: (p. 18-24) What four things did Toad do to try to think of a story to tell Frog? 
RL 9: (p. 25) Did Frog get better?  Why do you think Frog got better?  
RL 2:  Why is “The Story” funny? 
RL 2: Toad tried very hard to help Frog. Why did he do that? 

“A Lost Button” by Arnold Lobel 
RL 1: (p. 28-29) Who lost a button off of his jacket? 
RL 3: (p. 30) What did Frog want to do to help his friend, Toad? 
RL 4: (p. 36) How did Toad feel when they couldn’t find his button?  How did Toad act when he got angry? 
RL 1: (p. 37) Where did Toad find his button? 
RL 1: (p. 38) What did Toad do with all of the buttons he got? 
RL 2: (p. 39) Why did Toad give his jacket to Frog? 

“A Swim” by Arnold Lobel 
RL 1: (p. 40) Who wants to wear a bathing suit to go for a swim? Do you think that is something he needs to do, or something he wants to do?
RL 3: (p. 42) Why doesn’t Toad want Frog to look at him? 
RL 1: (p. 48) Name three animals that were waiting on the riverbank to see something funny. 
RL 3: (p. 49) Why did Toad decide to get out of the water? 
RL 7: (p. 50) Look at the illustration on p. 50. Why did all the animals laugh when they saw Toad? 
RL 9: (p. 52) How is Toad different than Frog? 

“The Letter” by Arnold Lobel 
RL 1: (p. 54) Why is Toad sad? 
RL 3 (p. 55) After Frog noticed Toad was sad, what did they do together? 
RL 4: (p. 57) Why did Frog hurry home? 
RL 3: (p. 57) Why was giving the letter to Snail funny? 
RL 1: (p. 62) [pair share] What did Frog say in his letter to Toad? 
RL 1: (p. 64) How long did it take for Frog’s letter to come? 
RL 1: (p. 64) Why do you think Toad was “very pleased” to have it, even though he already knew what it said?

July 13, 2017

First Grade Class Supply List - Fall 2017

Class Supplies: 
* 3 – hard cover notebooks -wide rule
* 3 – Folders (plastic from the supply room)
* 2 packs of pencils

* Erasers, sharpener, glue
* Crayons/Color Pencils

* 1 pack of dry erase markers
* 2 reams of white copy paper
* Box of gallon sized zip-lock bags
* 2 - Pencil Cases (1 for crayons & 1 for pencils)
* 2 Boxes of Tissues/Kleenex  
                                                                 * Lysol/Clorox Wipes
                                                                 * 2 roll of Paper Towel
                                                                 * Hand sanitizer
                                                                 *$5 for White Board

June 26, 2017


*The children will be going to the park tomorrow morning.  Please wear the school gym t-shirt with regular shorts and sneakers.  They will also be having a picnic in the park as well so bring lunch.  They can also bring toys and games to play in the park.

June 22, 2017

End of School Year Party

The children will have an End of the School Year Party on Monday, June 26th.  The children must wear their uniform because a photographer will be here for photos.

They should bring the following to share with each other:

Tables 1 & 2 - juice or water (one box each) 

Table 3 & 4 - cookies or donuts

Table 5 & 6  - chips

Please bring $3 for pizza.

June 15, 2017

Review for Final Exams


-distinguish between long and short vowels
-synonyms and antonyms
-change y to i with superlatives
-adjectives, verbs
-High Frequency words (Sight Words)
-comprehension - respond to story
-write a story
-Complete sentences with Capital letters and punctuation marks

Science - Chapter 9 - 12

Social Studies  -

-Notes from the Mayans
-Mice and Beans
-Elizabeth Leads the Way

June 14, 2017

Homework 6/14/17

Math - p. 107-108

Science - Stop and Think p. F43 in notebook

*The children can wear play clothes for $1.

June 13, 2017

Homework 6/13/17

Math - p. 105-106; finish classwork

Science - Stop and Think p. F35