March 17, 2019

Reminders for week of 3/18/19

*Please be advised of the following:

*Test prepping has begun:  *NYS ELA tests will be on April 2nd & 3rd.
                                           *NYS Math test will be on May 1 & 2.

*Students will be working on their Women's History Month Project and Book Report this week.  Students should have their books in class.

*2nd Grade will continue their Module in foundations of Multiplication

*3rd Grade will continue with fractions

*4th Grade will continue with fractions


Monday, 3/18/19

2nd Math - finish p. 18; 19-20

3rd Math - finish p. 10; 11

4th Math - finish p. 11-12; 13-14 (click here for more help)

Tuesday, 3/19/19

2nd Math - p. 23-24; 27-28

3rd Math - p.13-14 (click here for more help)

4th Math - p. 18-20; finish p.17

Wednesday, 3/20/19

2nd Math - p.31-32

3rd Math - p. 17-18

4th Math - finish p. 21-22

Thursday, 3/21/19

2nd Math - p. 35-36

3rd Math - p. 23-26

4th Math - finish p. 22; 23-24

March 10, 2019

Reminders for the week of 3/11/19

*School is closed on Friday, 3/15/19.

*Grade 3 & 4 are preparing for their NYS tests.  They will have assignments from their regular workbooks as well as the Test Prep books.

*Math Module Assessments for 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grades on Tuesday.

*3rd & 4th Grade - Please be sure to bring in the book to class so they can work on their book report portion of their projects.

*2nd Grade - completes Module 5 and begins Module 6

*3rd Grade - completes Module 4 on Areas and begins Module 5 with fractions

*4th Grade - completes Module 4 on Angles and Measurements and begins Module 5 with fractions


Monday, 3/11/19

2nd Math - p. 81-82; Module 5 Assessment

3rd Math - p. 61-62; Module 4 Assessment

4th Math - p. 73-74; Module 4 Assessment

Wednesday, 3/13/19

2nd Math - p. 3-4; 7-8

3rd Math - finish p. 2; p. 3-4

4th Math - finish p. 1-3

Thursday, 3/14/19

2nd Math - p. 11-12; 15-16

3rd Math - p. 7-8
*Ready NY booklet - p. 14-27 ; answers on looseleaf
*Target Math - p. 35-38 (#70-76); show work on loose leaf

4th Math - Ready NY booklet - p. 14-27; answers on looseleaf
*Target Math - p. 36-40 (#71-78) ; show work on looseleaf

March 3, 2019

Reminder for week of 3/4/19

Please be advised of the following:

*Ash Wednesday Mass at 10:30am.

*(click) 2nd Grade will finish their Module 5 Additions and Subtractions within 1000.

*(click) 3rd Grade will finish their Module 4 on Area and Perimeter.

*(click) 4th Grade will finish their Module 4 on Angles and Measurements.

*Women's History Month Project due 3/25/19. Please click for information.

Tuesday, 3/5/19

2nd Math - finish p. 60; 61-62

3rd Math - finish p. 56; 57-58

4th Math - finish p. 50; 51-52  Click here for more help

Wednesday, 3/6/19

2nd Math - finish p. 68; 69-70

3rd Math - finish p. 64; 65-66

4th Math - p. 53-54; Redo p. 51-52 Make sure to sketch (draw) Click here for more help

Thursday, 3/7/19

2nd Math - finish p. 71-72; 73-74

3rd Math - finish p. 69-70; 71-72

4th Math - p. 59-62 Click here for help

Friday, 3/8/19

3rd & 4th Grade
- Ready NY Practice booklet - p. 1-13 (answers on looseleaf)
- Target Math - Problems #1-6 (looseleaf) show your work.

February 24, 2019

Reminders for week of 2/25/19

*Black History Project due Monday, 2/25/19.

*Dismissal on Monday and Friday is at 12 noon.

*Black History Project contest on Wednesday, 2/27/19.

*Dr. Seuss costume contest on Friday, 3/1/19.

*Math quizzes for 2nd - 4th Grade this week, Tues/Wed.


Tuesday, 2/26/19

2nd Math - finish p. 49-52

3rd Math - quiz

4th Math - p. 33-35; quiz

Wednesday, 2/27/19

4th Math - Lesson 7 p. 37-39

Thursday, 2/28/19

2nd Math - finish p. 56; do p. 57-58

3rd Math - finish p. 50; do p. 51-52

4th Math - p. 44-45

*The children can dress up as their favorite Dr. Seuss character

February 18, 2019

Reminders for week of 2/18/19

*Black History Project due February 25th.  Please click for more information

*Class schedules have been changed. The students will now have lunch at 12:45 - 1:30pm.

*Due to the later lunchtime, the students can bring in a quick and light snack to eat during class at about 11:15ish.
Snack should be something quick and not interrupt the lessons being taught (no chips of any kind).

*Children can dress up and look like they are 100 years old to celebrate 100th days of school.

*Mass on Friday, 2/22/19 at 9am.

* 4th Grade will work on Module 4 Angles (click for more info).

*3rd Grade will continue working on area models (click for more info).

*2nd Grade will continue working on Addition and Subtraction within 1000 and word problems within 100 (click for more info).


Tuesday, 2/19/19

2nd Math - p. 23-24

3rd Math - finish p. 34-36

4th Math - finish p. 13-15

Wednesday, 2/20/19

2nd Math - finish p. 26-28

3rd Math - p. 40-42

4th Math - p. 22-24

Thursday, 2/21/19

2nd Math - p. 37-38

3rd SS - finish questions Think About it (#2- #4) in notebook; Lesson 1 vocabulary

4th SS - p. 175 finish questions #1 & #3 in notebook;  #4 on looseleaf (questions and answers)

February 10, 2019

Reminders for week of 2/11/19

Part One: Written Report

  1. Book Report Cover

    Create an interesting book cover for your Biography Book Report.  This may be hand drawn or computer generated, provided it is your original work.
  • Include your name, the title of the book, and the author in an imaginative or creative way.
  • Include a creative illustration that shows something important about the book.
  • The source for all computer generated clip art must be appropriately cited.

2. Book Report Contents:  Your report should follow the format below:

First paragraph (introduction) should include:

The title, author, and a brief description of why the subject of the book is important.
 Middle paragraphs should include:
  • Identify at least one, but no more than three, character trait this person possessed and explain how it contributed to his/her success.
  • Explain how this person began in his/her field.
  • Were there any obstacles he/she had to overcome?  Name any weaknesses, failures, or disappointments the subject had.
  • Who were (if any) the important people in this person’s life.  Did the subject have a hero or role model who set an example?
  • Facts (details) about how this person contributed to his/her field or specialty.
  • What is the achievement(s) for which he/she is best known?
  • The part of this person’s life you admire the most, and why.
  • Something that surprised you the most about this person.

    Concluding paragraph(s) should include:

    A summary of the body of the report, including whether or not you think this book gives an honest account of your subject.

Part Two and Three: Tri-fold board and Oral Presentation

   Poster: Use a standard-sized poster board which includes:

  • Title of the biography and name of the author
  • A timeline showing important achievements
  • A direct quote from the book which you feel accurately portrays the subject of your biography
  • Pictures related to your subject.  These may be hand drawn, photocopied, or from the Internet. You must cite your source.
  • All work must be neat and visually appealing

          Oral Report: Prepare a 2-3 minute oral report on your subject.  
    Note cards may be used.
  • Use your poster board as a guide to help you during the oral report.
  • Be prepared to answer questions from the audience
Review and practice your delivery of the oral presentation.

*2nd Grade - begins Module 5
*3rd grade - Tuesday, SS Ch. 6 quiz

*4th grade - Module 3 Assessment Tuesday

Monday, 2/11/19

3rd - SS Chapter 6 quiz

4th Math - Module 3 Assessment

Tuesday, 2/12/19

2nd Math - p. 3-4 Module 5

3rd Math - finish p. 18-19

Wednesday, 2/13/19

2nd Math - p. 15-16

3rd Math - finish p. 21-22

4th Math - finish p. 2-3 Module 4

Thursday, 2/14/19

2nd Math - finish p. 17-18; 19-20; Freckle

3rd Math - finish p. 24-26; Khan Academy

4th Math - p. 5-10; Khan Academy  Click for more help

February 3, 2019

Reminders for week of 2/4/19

*Monday - Blessing of the throats at 2pm.

*Please reinforce school and classroom rules so that the students can stay focused on his work.

*Social Studies quiz by the end of this week.

*2nd Grade will complete their Module 4.  End of Module Assessment Wednesday/Thursday. (Please click for info.)

*3rd Grade will have their End of Module Tuesday/Wednesday. (Please click for info.)

*4th Grade will continue  and complete their division with area models and distributive property. Quiz Wednesday/Thursday (Please click for info.)

African American History Project - due February 25, 2019. click for information.


Monday, 2/4/19

2nd Math - finish p. 113-114

3rd Math - finish p. 99; End of Module Assessment

4th Math - finish p. 180-181 (click here for extra help/reinforcement)

Tuesday, 2/5/19

2nd math - p. 123-124

3rd SS - Ch.6 Lesson 2 vocabulary words in notebook

4th Math - p. 185-186 (click her for extra help/reinforcement)

Wednesday, 2/6/19

2nd Math - finish p. 130-131 ; End of Module 4 Assessment Friday

3rd Math - p. 3-4; finish p. 2 Module 4

4th Math - finish p. 187-188 (click for extra help)  quiz Friday

Friday, 2/7/19

2nd Math - MODULE 4 test

3rd Math - finish p. 5-6

4th Math - p. 193-194 ; SS Ch. 6 quiz

*No play clothes for 3rd Grade.